Recession Generation

Preceded by Generation X, followed by Generation Z, Generation Y still needs its own recognizable voice.  While doing some research on the Y sibling, I have started to muse about my own identity.

Who wants its life to be dominated by despression or recession? But, there we go. Last year I officially became a member of the Generation Recession and no longer pertained to X.  Happy X-times are gone. I need diving into the Depression Generation to find out how they found that light at the end of the tunnel. Eventually.


3 thoughts on “Recession Generation

  1. Ah, our deluge of depressive digital delinquints!

    And to think, just five years ago, the “experts” on Gen Y couldn’t stop going on about our optimism and entrepreneurial qualities.

    Perhaps it could be suggested that maybe we jumped into the Gen Y generalization pool a bit early; time alone will reveal our course for the future. The way things are now, all bets are off.

  2. Indeed. I agree that no generalization is good, so much more so with credit crunch shuffling all the cards so drastically. Time has to set some historical distance before judging the past and writing history, cries the historian in me. The marketing practitioner is far more pragmatic; in absence of relevant industry data (expensive or non-existent), one tend to report to generalizations and then muse over it on blog. Fair enough?

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