Mehr Licht

Electricity shut down. Nobody gave us notice. Immediately, I opened the front door and looked around. The neighbours, do they share our misfortune? How to fix it in the next 5 minutes? The dark persisted, is there a house fuse?! No, it is individually allocated, the light, that is. Web access is down, people moderately panicking, but not showing it openly. ‘Sure, I will call, no, I will call’… The operator directing me to the electricity company, the mashine to a mobile phone number. Great! I get to talk to a Person. Indeed, he said:  ‘scheduled maintence in Šiška.’ Relived, but how come all the other blocks of flats seemed to be enjoying the light, Well, he has no authority to talk about any other block of flats, but ours, which he barely recognizes….I agree to the temporarey light shut down, feeling lucky that I can shover in the morning and praising God and elemental forces to have send that due project documentation untill 22:00. Guess; I am well trained to live in darkess and counted my blessings to the morning hygene rituals. To my surprise the national TV broadcasted Ana Frank story on the next day and I was thinking, which institution to contact to represent my Elecriticity consumer rights and blame them on the evening spent by the candle light eating ice cream (it will be the first to melt). Feeling lucky and bereft simultaneously. Still wondering wheather to sue or congratulate.


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