Rare Slovenian Culinary “Envigoration*“

Working and living the world of communication, I have made a pact of never promoting a service or a product on my Petit Potemkin blog, unless a story needs to told, a joke is in place, there is an important sociological point to made, or people might just get happier after experiencing it. This is, honestly, one of these cases.


J&B owner/chef and his family are offering a unique and somewhat surprising culinary experience that is seldom truly appreciated by its regular guests. The restaurant is situated in the close vicinity of the Ljubljana city centre, and might mainly attract national / local business top shots. A complete underestimation, in my opinion. This restaurant deserves world-wide fame.

Mr. Janez Bratovž, “Le Chef“,  is not thinking of any franchise. He seems to be satisfied with the simple customers’ final act – living you gasping for air and more food. Undoubtedly, he personally shops all fresh ingredients at the nearby market. The French-speaking guests might want to discuss his “treasures“ in the wine cellar in French.

Surprisingly, he keeps on talking to the guests in a subtle, modest voice, “ Oh, you liked it? I am really glad. We combined this and tried this, …“ A rare characteristic of the truly Great professionals. The logo speaks the story of the restaurant – crooked in the best way possible.  Bon appétit!

*Past Slovenian promotional slogan: “Slovenia Envigorates”


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