Ancient to Contemporary

There si rarely a moment in modern art of the 21th century that leaves me breathless. The reason may well lie the fact that I am rather conservative in my artistic tastes and hang on to the surpluses of the late 19th and the beginning of early 20th century. I adore drama, but am left with scarce production of the same. On a sad popular note, it seems that Reality shows compensated the urge to see the reality in dramatic action. No more insightful dramatisation of reality, cynical views and complex plots! The public craves for Cinderella happy ends and / or revolting feuds coloured with humour-punch narratives. Thus, I stand motionless, enjoying the modern collaboration of the Shakespearean drama, ultra modern music by RadioHead and the Slovene National theatre from Maribor . Respect on the sinergy by Edward Clug!


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