Exercises on Future Slovenian Environment 1/1

Ivan Grohar: The Sower. The motif from this pa...
Ivan Grohar: The Sower. The motif from this painting is used on the €0.05 Slovenian euro coins (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Mission, Vision and Values‘ platforms have become to be perceived as just another popular corporative mantra that gained extensive ground during the recent colossal financial crisis to regain lost trust. Corporate governance has become just another buzz word, undeservedly, as it entails solid grounds for future sustainable co-habitation. It should be practised not preached, or marketed.

And no, it does not (only) address rare common understanding of socialist versus early capitalist social order typical of South East Europe!

In the absence of (m)any moral and ethical standards and Slovenian society dramatically polarised by recent history, it could and should become a trustworthy insight & exercise into the country’s future. Thus the government  might establish modus operandi template that is synchronised with citizens’ values and views. I sadly admit that the elections do us poor justice every four years for the last 20 years.


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